Walter Smetak (1913-1984)

Smetak (1974)

1. Tijolinhos

2. Akwas

3. Dos Mendigos

4. Sarabanda, Projeçăo Improvisada

5. Dansom

6. Mantram

7. Iêéaóôu

8. Mäsica Dos Mendigos

9. Indiferenciações

10. Preludiando Com Joseba

11. Uibitus e Beija-Flores, Poluição Quebratória

Walter Smetak was born in 1913 in Switzerland and died in 1984 in Brasil.He was a cellist, composer, and inventor, playing and conducting music by instruments he invented. This is a strange experimental LP released in Brasil in 1974. Smetak was deeply involved in the Brasilian music scene, collaborating regularly with Gilberto Gil, Tom Ze, Uakti and others. He is considered to be a guru of tropicalia, although in this recording little "tropicalia" influence is to be found.

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