Yoko Ono (b. 1933)

  1. WBAI Interview, 1971 (47 minutes)

    Broadcast on WBAI, New York, 11 Sept. 1971
    interviewed by Liza Cowan and Jan Albert

    Yoko Ono Lennon talks about her life as an artist and bohemian house-mother in New York during the early '60s. Her discussion touches on conceptual art, "arcting out therapy," the loft concerts she helped organize, and discrimination against the female artist. An interesting retrospective of the evolving avant-garde in the Big Apple during a highly creative period.

  2. Cough Piece (excerpt, 32:31)

    Performed by Yoko Ono. Recorded 1963, Tokyo.

    Cough Piece
    Keep coughing a year.
    y.o. 1961 winter

  3. Let's Go On Flying (1:10)

  4. Snow is Falling All the Time (1:10)

  5. Mum's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow (2:13)

  6. No Bed for Beatle John (w/John Lennon) (4:44)

    Tracks 3-5 lyrics

  7. Radio Play (Lennon / Ono) (7:57)

    Tracks 3-6 from Aspen No. 7

    Original format: 8 inch, 33-1/3 rpm, monaural recording on flexible plastic. Recorded by Apple Music Publishing.

  8. Toilet Piece, 1971 (:30)

    Track 8 from
    Fluxus Anthology

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