Meredith Monk (b. 1942)

  1. Biography, "Education of the Girlchild" (8:00)

    Recorded WBAI, NYC, May 15, 1976)
    from Big Ego (Giorno Poetry Systems)

  2. RALLY (3:23) [MP3]
    scored for twenty five voices recorded at WBAI, NYC

    from the LP Airwaves

  3. "Candy Bullets and Moon"
    with Don Preston
    "Aunt Jamina And The United Pancakes" 1967 (DWR 6806)
    Vinyl, 7", 33 1/3 RPM, Single Sided
    Organ [Electric] - Don Preston
    Voice, Bass [Electric], Drums - Meredith Monk

    from the LP Better An Old Demon Than A New God

  4. "As if it came from an oral tradition."

  5. Meredith Monk "Excerpt from Turtle Dreams"

    Organ - Nicky Paraiso, Steve Lockwood
    Voice - Andrea Goodman, Meredith Monk, Paul Langland, Robert Een

    from the LP Chicago '82: A Dip in the Lake

  6. Boys

    Text: Rick Moody
    Music: Meredith Monk
    Voice: Julia Slavin
    Produced by Rick Moody, Meredith Monk, and Dean Olsher

    Originally broadcast in 2000 on "The Next Big Thing," on WNYC-FM.

    from the LP Rick Moody on UbuWeb

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