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Crackers (2000)

1. Crackers (track 4) (1:59)

2. Crackers (track 5) (12:43)

3. Crackers (track 7) (5:07)

2000, of skeletal sounds and rhythmic joints. Full-length CD on Locust (Chicago), 2001.

... ahhhh... ok and now in order to do my elbows I will have to make a quick motion like this, so I'll make sure I don't bust into the mic but I usually have to be standing to do it... so you keep it in one place... that's as close I can come there... now the jaw which is usually on this side... it's not one that a lot of people like to hear.... now... neck, if you can put the mic back in here, tell me when you're ready... hold on, ok... I was hoping for a better one than that... not much no... toes, of course... alright so you're going to have to be right on the floor for this... no, just a second, I can do it here... ok, the other one, mine as well exhaust all of the areas and then get to my back... ok.... now when I do my back I have to swing it as well... so stay in one place... the best sounds usually come out of about right there...

Do you crack your fingers? your neck? your back? your knees? your elbows? your ankles? your hips? your jaws? your toes? your...? A joint is the locale where bones articulate a tension. Crackers are compulsive about the release of that tension. As cracks sound, some wince, others feel relief. A crack is a body nonsequitur, a bone edit, a broken break.