Al Hansen (1927-1995)

Various Tracks

  1. Al Hansen - Car Bibbe (1958/1959)
    Recorded at Bonn Kunstverein fluxus performance festival 1989

  2. Al Hansen - Balloni Brothers Balloon Work

  3. Al Hansen - Joseph Beuys Stuka Bomber Piece (1989)

    Recorded at Galerie Kolon in 1989.This was a backup piece for another performance of BeuysStuka Piece at Milano Poesie festival. The piece was created for a video festival in Tor Colonus in Cologne, spring 1989 (Al Hansen).

  4. Al Hansen - The Futuristic Chattanooga Choo Choo in the Mongolian Desert.

    Performed by Al Hansen and Janet Kramer (from RIGA) and who sings in Lituian. Music mix by Jurgen Turje.

  5. Al Hansen - I opened the top button of her jeans and zipped her zipper down (anonymous musicians)

  6. Al Hansen - Intermedia L.A. Roadside streetwise poetry

  7. Al Hansen - Venus Rap

Above tracks from Fluxus Anthology, 30th Anniversary

Andy Warhol Attentat Sound

Andy Warhol Attentat Sound

Aktion 11. Oktober 1986
20 Hhr
Galerie Hundertmark
Al Hansen
Lisa Cieslik
George Ist
Suzanne Zierold
Dieter Hebben
Peter Kleinertz
Hanjo S.
Nicole Hundertmark

? Records 04, 2001

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