Henry Cowell (1897-1965)

The Piano Music Of Henry Cowell (1963)
  1. Tides Of Manaunaun
  2. Exultation
  3. The Harp Of Life
  4. Lilt Of The Reel
  5. Advertisement
  6. Antinomy
  7. The Aeolian Harp
  8. Sinister Resonance
  9. Anger Dance
  10. Banshee
  11. Fabric
  12. What's This?
  13. Amiable Conversation
  14. Fairy Answer
  15. Jig
  16. The Snows Of Fujiyama
  17. The Voice Of Lir
  18. Dynamic Motion
  19. Trumpet Of Angus Og
  20. Tiger
  21. Henry Cowell Discusses The Above Works In The Order In Which They Appear On The Record

LP released by Folkways, New York, NY, 1963, Vinyl, 33⅓ RPM

Henry Cowell at the KPFA piano & Critics Circle on Censorship in the Arts (August 11, 1949)

From a KPFA-FM Transcription Disc, 1949. Henry Cowell at the KPFA Piano, August 16, 1949. Performs 3 works: Tides of Manaunaun; Aeolian Harp, Lilt of the Reel (with his comments on harmonization) (00:04:15) - all are music excerpts and not complete. The next portion contains a short panel discussion with the Critics Circle August 11, 1949. On Censorship in the Arts. Panelists: James McGiniss, San Francisco attorney; William J. Harris, Executive Secretary for Northern California; Jordan Bornsetin (sp?) and Hal Brockman, writers.