Cornelius Cardew

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Cornelius Cardew Memorial Concert (1985)

1. First Movement for String Quartet

2. Octet '71

3. Treatise

4. Paragraph 1 of the Great Learning

5. The Turtledove

6. The Workers Song

7. Thalmann Variations

8. Croppy Boy

9. Watkinson's Thirteens

10. Smash The Social Contract

11. There is only one lie, There is only one truth

12. We Sing for The Future

Cornelius Cardew was killed on the 13th December 1981, by a hit and run driver near his home in East London. On the 16th of May 1982 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall London his musical colleagues, friends and comrades came together to perform his music in a tribute to his life and works.

Laurie Barker
Alex Balanescu
David Bedford
Gavin Bryars
Steve Calder
Carol Chant
Michael Chant
Horace Cardew
Walter Cardew
Bob Coleridge
Kate Collison
Patrick Foster
Maranda Cullylove
Lou Gare
Liam Genockey
Gerry Gold
Alec Hill
Christopher Hobbs
Peter Howe
David Jackman
Tim Joss
Shelia Kasabova
Francis Kelly
Tim Mason
Melinda Maxwell
Ian Michell
Tim Michell
Janos Negyesy
Michael Nyman
Michael Parsons
Geoff Pearce
Elizabeth Perry
Tom Phillips
Eddie Prevost
Karen Rhodes
Keith Rowe
Frederic Rzewski
Brigid Scott-Baker
Hugh Schrapnel
Dave Smith
John Tilbury
Michelle Todd
Emily Underwood
Jane Wells
John White
Sylvia Williams
Bob Wolford
Eisler Ensemble
English Chamber Choir (Dir. Guy Protheroe)
PCA Singers
Scratch Orchestra

Special thanks to The Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts Inc., The Kitchen, Peforming Artservices Inc., and the Cornelius Cardew Memorial Concert Committee in New York City.

The Cornelius Cardew Memorial concert organizing committee would like to thank the South Bank and the Greater London Council for their cooperation.

Recorded by Bob Wolford.


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