2007   OCTOBER 30   #303

Dick Jacobs and his Orchestra - Themes From Horror Movies

01 Main Title from "THE SON OF DRACULA" (1:39)
03 Shooting Stars from "THIS ISLAND EARTH" (2:20)
04 Treacherous Trek from "THE MOLE PEOPLE" (3:42)
05 Main Title from "THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN" (3:11)
06 Dracula's Feast Of Blood from "THE HORROR OF DRACULA" (2:12)
07 The Monster Attacks from "THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON" (2:29)
08 Visitors From Space from "IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE" (2:11)
09 Stalking The Creature from "THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US" (2:23)
10 Winged Death from "THE DEADLY MANTIS" (3:21)
11 Theme from "TARANTULA" (2:21)
12 Main Title from "THE HORROR OF DRACULA" (1:46)
13 Main Title from "THE REVENGE OF THE CREATURE" (1:55)
14 Main Title from "THIS ISLAND EARTH" (2:33)

A great record to play on Halloween. Every song is introduced by Bob McFadden (I'm a mummy, I dig you baby} fame. Nice and cheezy!

- Contributed by: Evil Pain Clown

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: LP
Album: Themes From Horror Movies in Ghoulish High Fidelity
Label: Coral
Catalog: CRL 757240
Date: 1959