2007   MAY 13   #133

Dean Milan - Phattest Jams!

01. I Can't Explain (1:59)
02. Yesterday's News (3:39)
03. Baby Be Mine (3:17)
04. Do It Like A Dog (2:39)
05. Baby Girl (2:36)
06. Shadoobie (2:04)
07. Cherry Bomb (2:44)
08. Love Express Internationale (2:42)
09. What Does It Take (2:58)
10. You Had To Break My Heart (3:08)
11. A Night Of Sin (2:55)

Here ladies and gents I present to you this unique recording. As history has shown us, "Do It Like A Dog" has proceeded to procure a -small but ever growing- army of listeners. And now in the year of our Dean, 2007, we can dive head first into the complete known works and offerings of this gentlemen in mp3 format. What is it about Dean's work that leaves me staring into nothingness, left in a state of awe? I have always been a lover of a good pop song and pop lives here people, but from what planet? Who cares. It's good. Unique. And damn right brings smiles.

- Contributed by: Sid Safari

Media: CDR
Album: Phattest Jams
Date: Decades ago? 1980s? Yesterday? Is the guy in the photo Dean Milan? Is this for real? Was this compiled? Dean are you out there?  Where'd the cheese go... I dunno?