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Transverse (2009)

The strips of TRANSVERSE were EXTEMPORANEOUSLY composed between about 09/03/03 and 01/01/05 on an Olympus W-10 Digital Voice Recorder, which allows for photographs to be taken SIMULTANEOUS to recording and, sequentially tied to the sound track, played back as they FALL.Go to SAMTRUITT.ORG to find COMMENTARIES. Go there soon for EXEGESIS on the CIRCUMSTANCES of their MAKING. EXPLORE what their maker made of Thoreau's saying we must be BORN AGAIN to speak what we can write. What it means to fly into that storm a kite - open to the 8th wall of post-human history what the wind picks, the throat, infinited line, oscillating interval, felt as a throb. Take MEASURE there of the air building to the right of you building to the left what you think and what you feel among WHISPERS in the structure of at best ambiguous BEING hard against hulking graphite flank of Manhattan Bridge - that keeps us ready.


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