Arthur Russell 19511992
Phil Niblock - Terrace of Unintelligibility (1985)
The first film, called "Terrace of Unintelligibility," is a completely finished and edited video shot by Phill Niblock. It is about 20 minutes long, and features Arthur Russell and his cello performing a few songs from the World of Echo era, including "Answers Me" and "Tower of Meaning." This film is completely hypnotic and is a perfect visual match for Arthur Russell's minimalistic, soulful music.

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Anything said about the various meanings to be gleaned from Russell's performances on this record is pure conjecture. The man gave few interviews throughout his life, thus leaving in his death a figure as shrouded in enigma as he is in beauty. The DVD component of Audika's reissue does little to address that, but rather provides what seem to be analogous visual counterparts to the type of material contained on the album itself. Both "Terrace of Unintelligibility" and "Some Imaginary Far Away Type Things/AKA Lost in the Meshes" are Phill Niblock films set in very much the same style. The shots are all tightly focused on Russell as he plays, traipsing through various bits and pieces of the ideas contained on World of Echo. Niblock shifts gradually, from his face, to his hands, to his mouth as he forms those evocatively unintelligible syllables – showcasing Arthur Russell in part and parcel indeed, but nevertheless illuminating the fact that there was always far more to this soul than the eye could ever meet.