Peter Rose

VOX 13 Series (1982 - 2000)

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The Darkening
Format: Quicktime .mov
Size: 200mb
Duration: 8 min.
Year: 2000

The Darkening (2000, 8 min) is a requiem, a Stygian night journey animated by unknown languages, illuminated speech, and mysterious conjugations of light. The video is animated by the idea that if language is to give some shape to thought, it is language as invocation, rather than denotation, that we must consider, and from consequent experiments with a form of performative image-making that integrates speech, gesture, sound and light in order to conjure images through a kind of cinematic incantation.

"Rose hurls light against an encroaching darkness and it takes the shape of an alphabet that is pronounced in an unknown language. He here maps the syntax of this phenomenon and it sticks in the mind." Anonymous