Aleksandra Mir b. 1967
First Woman on the Moon (1999)
Duration: 13'18".

One of Mir's best-known works, The First Woman on the Moon (1999), interlaced issues of space travel, feminism, and imperialism when she staged a moon landing on a Dutch beach, which she transformed into a moonscape for one day with the help of bulldozers. At sunset she climbed up on its highest peak, planted the American flag, opened a bottle of champagne and invited the audience to climb up and join her in the celebration. A "sequel" to the moon landing took the form of a rocket in which the First Woman on the Moon would never have been able to go anywhere in. The monumental (22m tall) sculpture which was built out of industrial debris and stood in the London Roundhouse for 3 days only before it was scrapped, was aptly titled Gravity (2006).

"Ten Women Who Use Film" curated by Jennifer Higgie