google search fuck being

naked   i float in you
my pool
closed eyes
nose mouth chest toes
dick exposed
inside sky’s moisture he-
ears humming
coming from or for
the both of us they-
(add something) nothing
a theistic being thinks she-
sin reflect shiny skin when
met a physical sex addict
tranny sends believing
income passing
the wrist it twists it
body tension lies
fetish finds
itself typing behind
mind’s exploding eye
we revert to he and she:
reverse cowgirl
doggie style
female female male
double team
hogtied hog wild
hispanic heat fake tits
swinging sluts in stockings scream as they ride the sybian
sliding sideways and forwards trying to smile for the camera  
raw data captured
“oh kay why?”
they respond with: “i did it all for you”
smelly shaved crotch slaps smears tears
tear you
a part now alone
in being
time is 

linear	exponential